We have the desire to ‘egg you on’brown eggs in carton

Begin eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables especially when they are directly from the farm and not directly from the produce coolers as often is the case during the late fall and winter. Farm-Fresh Eggs are a great way to begin your day and support your local small farmer.

Were you aware eggs that come from local small farms are found to be more nutritious with greater vitamin and lower cholesterol content? Here’s why: 

1. On small farms the chickens are usually free to roam outdoors.

The sun exposure to the chickens gives the eggs 4-6 times the amount of vitamin D.

2.Local Farm-Fresh Eggs are known to have 1/3 the cholesterol, 1/4 the fat content, 2/3 more of vitamin A, 2 times the amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, 3 times the amount of vitamin E, and up to 7 times the amount of Beta Carotene.