The Citrus Tree Story – Farm Fresh

At The Citrus Tree Fresh Produce Market, providing fresh, high quality produce along with other robust nutritional food items is what drives our vision, mission, and passion to serve our customers as close friends and local neighbors. We empower our customers with the full knowledge of the foods we sell so they can make the best decisions concerning their health and long-term well-being.

Terry Diefenbacher, the founder of The Citrus Tree Fresh Produce Market, grew up on a local farm in Colerain Township, Ohio, retailing their fresh produce to local customers in Butler and Hamilton Counties.

Terry later graduated from The Ohio State University’s department of Horticulture Science and Department of Education with a love of growing plants and a strong desire to teach others. With the opportunity to start a wholesale greenhouse business in Colerain Township, Terry continued cultivating the desire to be a leader in promoting new horticulture plant products to the retail horticulture industry while living out the company’s mission of selling the highest level of quality plants and outstanding customer service to his customers for over 25 years.

Terry, and two of his children, still grow vegetables on the same farm where he grew up. A variety of fresh tomatoes has been a specialty from this farm for four generations going back to 1936. They also produce fresh squash, cucumbers, peppers, greens, and other items during the spring, summer, and fall growing seasons.

The Citrus Tree Fresh Produce Market is operated and managed by Terry and his oldest son Jacob. It is located on Corbett Road in Cincinnati. The small building opened for business in 2016. An expansion is planned for 2018 that includes a market and grill.


Visit Us:

10021 Corbett Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
Sun – Mon 1:00pm-6:30pm
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