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We proudly support local farmers in our community.

Core Values


Our team is dedicated to making sure you get accurate information on the produce you are purchasing.  There are many produce myths we are ready to debunk for you.  Our team has over 30 years of experience raising produce for consumption.   

Highest Quality

We only serve the best produce we can find.  Sometimes that means certain items will be unavailable due to seasonal change.  As part of our commitment to you, we will only put out produce that we would eat ourselves.  

Customer Sevice

While other stores continue to decline in customer service, we made it one of our Core Values.  For example, if we see mom’s or dad’s with their hands full, or those in need of special assistance, we will seek you out.

Community Leader

The Citrus Tree was always meant to be more than a Market and Grill.  Our staff is committed to making The Citrus Tree a safe family friendly environment.  Reaching out to our Springfield Township community is very important to us.  

Customer Testimonials

“Love buying produce here! They are so friendly and they carry my bags to my car! The produce is local and yummy!”

Jane E.
“Finally got a chance to pull over and shop here. Man oh man, it
was worth every penny. I bought a
watermelon and peaches; it was the best fruit I had in years. They are so friendly and carried our watermelons to the car. I loved it. I plan on going back soon.”

Tonisha C.
“A Garden of Eden. The tomatoes, peaches, and watermelons were as good as those that came from my grandma’s garden. So very worth it!”

Pamula R.